Member Hits It Big

My home number it back after almost a month. Now I have to fight with ATT about the bill. 847-784-8544

About the time I think that our members have forgotten about searching for treasure I get an email like this. It came from Rick an my hat goes out to him.

Nice talking to you Darryle! Well here is a brief description of my story, I am an artist and furniture restorer. I often go to local auctions to find furniture to fix up and canvas that I can paint over (much cheaper than buying new canvas) but I always made sure to check on the artists signature to make sure that I wasn't painting over a valuable piece!

 Well the day of the auction I saw a big canvas that had just a little cut in the bottom corner and everything else looked in good shape (I figured I could patch it - no problem) and I started bidding. I put a limit of $25 on it because I didn't want to spend to much.. Ha ha...

 Well anyways with about 10 minutes until the auction closed I decided to Google the artist to see if he was "listed". Well he sure was. I was so excited when I seen some of the auction amounts for his paintings. I immediately raised my bid to $300. Based on the lack of bidders and the fact that this piece is so huge I didn't think there would be much competition.. well I was right... I won with a final price of $68....

I sold it one week later to a dealer in Detroit for $17,000... I am hooked! I was so excited after this "Antiques Roadshow " Moment that I want to do it again and again. But I knew it was just luck, so I sought out direction and knowledge and . That is how I found you!

Nice story wouldn't you say? I hope to hear more stories like this from our members so that they will lift my spirit. Treasures are still out there we just need to continue our hunt.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 11 January 2012 11:41)