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 Marketplace Item - George Tinworth 



The members of our Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club know that one of my picks for buys of the year is Royal Doulton pieces. The artist signed pieces by Hannah Barlow and her sister Florence will always command a premium price but today even their pieces are selling on the internet at prices that I haven't seen in over 45 years of being in the antique and collectible markets. It seems that the public has all but forgotten who George Tinworth, Mark Marshall, Frank Butler, Leslie Harradine and Eliza Simmance even were. Yet these artists have proven themselves to be among the greatest pottery artists who ever lived. 


I just scanned the eBay site for Doulton vases and was astonished at the prices. There has never been the opportunity to buy the best pottery ever produced at prices that the stores like Crate and Barrel are getting for Chinese imports. Seldom would I tell people to take money out of savings to buy anything, but this might just be one of those times.


The internet can be fickle and although for some unknown reason Doulton has fallen out of favor there, this can't last forever. If you could buy a Cadillac for the price of a Volkswagen, I guarantee you would soon be driving a Cadillac. March Madness has just finished so it may be time for the full court press on Doulton. You may check to see if you agree with me by purchasing the Lyle Price Guide to Doulton, written in 1986 when the Doulton pieces were at about the same prices as they are today. If my math is right, that was over 20 years ago. Listen to me. These artist signed pieces by the Doulton artists are true art treasures and their prices will reward you greatly if they are purchased today. 


One thing that I have always held dear was my word. You have my promise that I will purchase any great artist signed piece you find at these astronomically low prices and put it into our Associates Program, where you become our partner and share in the profit. Now I ask you a question. How can you beat that? 


There is a slight parting of the clouds, however, because I just took a new member of our club to an auction last night where there was a large Doulton vase that sold. I bid what I thought it was worth and ended up the under bidder. If this piece had been on eBay, it wouldn't have brought half the price it did at the local auction. In the world of Doulton, I believe the old saying “It is always the darkest before the dawn” might be appropriate.


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