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The garage sale is a great place to find those men's rings that no longer fit or perhaps have been replaced with something better. In the case of wedding rings, the owners often no longer wish to own them as they represent unpleasant memories of the past. This is where the members of the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club come to the rescue.


Seldom have I gone to a large sale where there weren't men's rings of all descriptions. If the rings are 10K or better, you should give them a second look. Just the gold alone should bring $100, but often they have valuable stones that are just a plus when you buy them. I know a gentleman who purchased a ring for $50 dollars, only to find out later that the stone was a near perfect ruby with a value of over $5000. This was the value he could receive, not the retail price. Can you imagine 100 times his cost? Wow. This wouldn't have to happen many times before this treasure hunting would really become fun for you.


Here is a tip. Remember when I suggested you make posters listing the items you were searching for with your telephone number. Then I said to place them all around your neighborhood in stores and other locations. Well, one of those items should be men's and women's jewelry. You will be surprised at the response you receive. Here is the greatest advantage to using posters. When there is a response, you don't have any competition.


I tell a story in my book 31 Steps to your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles about a friend who called me from a person’s home where he was inspecting some jewelry. He wanted to know about an item that he was holding in his hand. After he had given me the description of the watch, I told him to buy it. Later that day, he called and said he had purchased the watch for $200 and asked if that was a good buy. When I shared with him that it was a designer watch from Paris and 24K gold, he almost flipped out. I could hear his heavy breathing as he asked what the watch’s value was and I said “Start at $5000 and then it could go way up from there.”


By looking for rings, it could easily lead to your purchase of many other forms of jewelry. Even if it is the rings that are being offered, always ask if there is any other jewelry for sale. Buying gold in jewelry is usually the cheapest way to buy it and compounding your money in this manner should be fairly easy for you. Be sure you know the marks for gold so that gold plate and gold fill won't cross you up. 


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