31 Steps are they working for members?



The Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club was formed over 4 years ago to compliment the book “ 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles “ but has it preformed for its members?


I will have to let you make that decision but first lets study what some of the members have reported to myself and our staff.


Let's begin with Cecil Reader who was one of our founding members of our club. Over the years he has continually found and sold quality and rare items that have produced him an income from his antique and collectible business. From finding a 1940 Kentucky Derby Glass that he purchased for $12.50 and later sold for $12,500 to many great pieces of pottery including Rookwood and many others. His latest find is a Fulper piece that he purchased for $5.00 that has sold at auction for over $600. But Cecil has also used our clubs Associates Program where he partnered with the club in the purchase of 2 item and after their sell he received a check for over $3200. I would think that the association between the Club and Cecil proved to be beneficial to both parties wouldn't you? But lets look at other members.


Warner Smith has been with me since the beginning, in fact at one time we were partners and his success changed his life. Warner became Mr. Lotton and was the leader in bringing Lotton Glass to where it is today. He even formed the first Lotton Glass Club. His hunger for knowledge made him become very quickly one of the leaders in finding quality item that others over looked. In my book I write about when I over looked a camera that was being offered to us but Warner didn't miss it and we purchase the camera plus attachments for $700 and sold all the items for over $7500. Warner now is dealing in gold and silver very successfully.


John started out as a generalist in all antiques and collectibles but soon began to specialize in gold and silver and I am proud to say that now he has become my teacher in those fields. He is so busy that often he doesn't even have time to go to the bank to deposit his winnings.


There have been many others like Vickie and Lou Ann that have kept me abreast of their success and I am sure that there are many others that I haven't heard from. In the future I am hoping to include you in the list of people that have been help by joining our club.


Before I started this project I prayed to God that if it didn't help others please let it fail quickly but if it did to bless our efforts. We are still here 4 years later so I hope that is the answer.




Last Updated (Wednesday, 14 September 2011 10:27)

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