Leaving for Equador

I will be gone till the 6 of Nov. but this should give me time to formulate a new approach for the blogs. If you have ideas that you would like for our club to research please email me before I return.

Just to give you some new ideas marbles are bringing top dollar to day with many selling for over $1000 and the same can be said of whiskey flask. The antique and collectibles markets aren't dead but they are on life support. Only the best will prove to be profitable and the lower end should be avoided at all cost unless the items are given to you.  

So you won't get completely depressed I did receive an email where a member who found a KPM piece and sold it for a 400 percent profit the same day.

Don't forget to send me the names of all paintings you see because I am on the trail of a painting that could be another great find. I will tell you more about it in another blog. There could be up to $20,000 profit if the purchase is comploeted. Yes there is still hope.

Last Updated (Monday, 17 October 2011 20:20)

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