Why would knowing the meaning of these three make you money? Yes, they do pertain to coins but you should ask which ones. The secret is knowing that these are conditions on Dimes, Nickels and Half Dollars that can fatten your pocket book.


If you find a Mercury dime be sure to look at the reverse because in the center of the dime are two bands that hold a bundle of rods together. If these bands are complete and the space between them is divided these coin can have special value. In the case of the 1945 dime if these bands are ,what is called full bands, the coin will be worth thousands of dollars. Can you imagine that?


Next is the Nickel that you should examine because on the back of these coins there is a picture of the building Monticello. If the stairs on these coins are complete the valve jumps to prices you wouldn't imagine. Also on on some of the nickels they are called 3 legged nickels because the mold got jammed an the second leg on the buffalo disappeared. These are extremely valuable.


Now for the final coin the half dollar. On the back of the Franklin half dollar is the Liberty Bell and at its bottom of the bell are two bands if they are complete you have found a treasure. These are just a sampling of special rarities that can still be found in your pocket change.


There are a set of books called Cherry Pickers Guide that list and show most of the rarities in American coins and I highly recommend them being purchased because they will make you money.


Happy hunting.

Last Updated (Thursday, 16 February 2012 09:11)

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