Doulton Olde King Cole Mug


Doulton Olde King Cole

I have been waiting patiently for my readers to send in their Treasure stories but you will love my last success.

Having very little to do I ask Colin Craig to accompany me to preview an auction that was close to his uncles car business. We stopped for lunch and then headed to the auction house.

At first I didn't see much of interest but as I was looking through the box lots there it was, a Royal Doulton Olde King Cole mug. These are selling now at less than $50 but it was still Doulton an among many other pieces in the box I thought it would go for very little.

Remember I always do my research before I purchase an item so it did that with the mug. To do this I searched out my Ruth Pollard Doulton guide and turned to Olde King Cole. It seems there were two versions one common and the other very rare. The rare one had a yellow crown and came in both large and small versions. I thought the piece I had found was the rare one but couldn't be sure. If it were the rare one it was listed for $9000 - $11000.

Returning on the day of the auction, first I wanted to make sure it was still in the box lot and it was. Next it was time to check the condition more closely and it was perfect, so now it was time to wait.

The auction began and my heart was in my throat. Number 141, that seemed so far away but it wasn't long before the box lot was up for sale. I have to confess my heart was pounding but I tried to not let it show.

The auctioneer barked our $200 without a bid he soon ask for a starting bid of $100 and I raised my card. After a few attempts to get another bid he said that magic word sold at which time I went to the front of the auction and ask if I could take the mug out of the box and put it in the office for safe keeping. They allowed me to do that and I was shaking.

I returned to my seat and waited for a statue to come up at lot 206. It was Napelon on horse back measuring about 24 inches tall and I hoped that no one had done their research. I purchased the statue for $2250 and found the record where one had sold for over $20,000.

I guess you would have to say Tuesday was a real treasure hunters dream come true for me.

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The Value of a Penny

1921 S Lincoln Cent Penny NEAR GEM BU++ ** LOVELY RED BROWN SURFACES!!!

What is this penny worth?

Do I have a story for you. A few months ago I purchased a collection of coins and there was several books on Lincoln penny's included. After giving the books a good going over there were a few that I thought were worth sending off for grading. Two of those coins were a 1921 and 1925 Lincoln penny. 

I had almost forgotten about them when my friend at the coin store called and said they had been received and could be picked up.

Since I had only a few penny's invested I really didn't take it as a priority to hurry and claim them. But after I arrived at the store I was handed the coins and to my surprise they graded MS 64 and 65. Still I wasn't excited until I looked them up in the price guide. Are you ready, they are worth about $200 each. Now I would say the was a wise investment of a few cents.

Remember when I said always try to buy your items in groups. By buying the coin collection as a group my cost for the ungraded coins was not much more than face value but when $30 was spent for a graded the valve of the coin can be elevated many, many times as you can see here,  

During this period where most Collectibles and Antiques are struggling to stay ahead  of their cost coins can be great treasures for you to find.

Those little blue books that children and adults put their coins in back from 1945 till today may hold treasures that you could only imagine so when visiting house and garage sales be on the lookout for them. 


Buck Rogers XZ - 31 Pop Gun

Buck Rogers 25th century XZ-31 Pop Gun

Buck Rogers
XZ - 31

Do you remember these? I actually had one as a child. Never would I have ever though it would be worth over $1000 today, but it is if in mint condition.

Vickie my wife has become the ultimate down sizer and as I was going through my many boxes I found this gun in a plastic bag. Having no idea what I turned to my old source eBay and my teeth almost fell out, the last one sold for $1200.

It didn't take long for me to list the gun on eBay and I am waiting to see if it sells. This may be a great time for you to pull those boxes out of storage to see if there are treasure you have forgotten waiting to be re-discovered. 

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INDY 500

Rare 1934 INDIANAPOLIS 500 PROGRAM - Excellent ++ Condition - INDY 500

INDY  500

Events can mean money in your pocket and my friend Cecil is betting on one event for us the Indy 500.

At the auction in Evansville a few days ago he purchased several items from the Indy 500. They included tickets, programs and several other items. With this event coming up shortly anything from past races should create interest. These items were picked up fore a song but they may prove to be real treasures.

If you would like to see his items go to Indy 500 on eBay

There are always events going on that collector search for and they are willing to pay big money for the right items. We should help the collectors and their searches.

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Russian Urns


I will not have a picture today but my story of the auction should hold your interest. As you know I was attending a auction all weekend and I did manage to purchase a few items. This auction was in Elgin Il at Bunte's.

My first purchase was a Longwy Lamp that was advertised as only a oil lamp and my next purchase was possible my best a art glass vase. But my purchases aren't the story of the day. There was a pair of Russian Urns that had a pre-auction estimate of $3000 which seemed fair but I wasn't interested at that price so they had very little interest for me.

The bidding started off rather slow but did climb as there seemed to be several bidders. The price quickly pasted the estimate but didn't even slow down. At $20,000 you could hear people saying, " What's happening." Little did they know because at $30,000 all heads were turning and the final bid was near $50,000.

My question is why this doesn't happen to me but then I realize it has and many times. My hope is that you will be writing me soon telling your story about an item that sold for a much greater price than you anticipated.

The lesson to be learned here is you may buy an item knowing you will double your money but that doesn't mean that it can't bring far more than you thought.

Happy days, yes happy days when this happens.

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