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My brother, Roger, who lives in Bowling Green, Kentucky , just called to say he was starting his garden. That brought back memories of our grandmother working her garden, which she did so that her family could eat during the winter. She went to town and the grocery store only to buy salt, coffee and sugar. The rest she grew with the help of our grandfather and her eight kids.


When the garden was harvested, I still can remember those blue and green jars that were used for canning. The jars were put in large boilers filled with water and the lids were placed on them. Once the water started to boil, the jars were closed by the vacuum and the outside top was placed on the jars as they cooled. That smell of fresh vegetables canning still make me hungry. The farmers would buy those jars by the dozens and they were filled with beans, tomatoes, corn and whatever else they wished to eat later. Boy, did those vegetables taste better than what we get in the cans today.


But back to the purpose of this blog. Several days ago, a friend from church called about a sculpture he was interested in buying, but the conversation turned to his collecting Mason Canning Jars. Evidently he has a rather extensive collection. He shared his most recent purchase, which was a jar that he bought at an internet auction for $20. I could tell that he was rather pleased with the purchase, so I asked him what it was really worth. To my surprise, he said $2000. He said that many Mason jars are even worth far more than that. Here is a little history of the Mason's Company.

I have written on canning jars earlier, but it seems that the 1858 Mason's can bring a smile to your face if you are fortunate enough to find the right ones. Here are just a few from the eBay completed listings: Crude Yellow green Mason's Pat. 1858 - $1100, Yellow swirled Mason's jar Pat. 1858 - $810, Rare Mason's union zinc lid - $800 and a Amber Mason's jar pat. 1858 ½ Gal. $577. If this doesn't give you an appetite for Mason jars, I don't know what will.


 Here is a hint on finding Mason jars. The chances are that they won't be found in the living room with the finer things. You may have to dig deep for them. Attics, basements, out buildings and garages are their chosen places to hide and even then, they might not be easy to find. Making money the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club way may not always be glamorous, but who cares if the money is right and it is legal.  


A sad note, however, I recently received a notice that a great friend of mine, Bobby, who lived in Owensboro, Kentucky passed away. He collected canning jars as far back as I can remember. I never see one of these jars without thinking of him. He was also a church friend and to think about it, most of my friends are.   



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