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I have been writing about my thoughts and actions for many months now, but this week I saw a gentleman turn on his lights as he understood the principles that are taught in the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club. John is his name, and a new friend of mine named Chris brought him to my home so that I could explain what we do at our Club. 


At first I could see doubt in John's eyes and the sense of “I have been there and done that” in his voice. But with the passing of time, he began to warm up to what I was saying. At that point, his questions started to show that he saw himself following the outline that was being presented to him.


Like most, it took a little time to share that the plan of compounding your money had to come after you have provided for the needs of your family in another manner until there was enough profit generated to totally depend on your new adventure. It didn't take John long to figure out that the knowledge needed for his success in this adventure would take study and research but he was ready for that.


 John is unemployed, but has a wide variety of experiences to pull from in taking the next steps in his life. He soon understood that whatever it takes to afford him the opportunity to become wealthy was satisfactory with him, even if it means being a greeter at Wal-Mart. The questions he asked were the standard ones, like how can I be sure that I can sell what I buy. That question was soon put to rest. It is never about the selling but the buying right that counts. 


Today I have had a huge smile on my face and it lasted all day. You see I got a call from John and he was excited. He had gone to a sale and had spent $10 on a lot of ink pen nibs, those little points that hold the ink. The lot also included several pens and other drafting instruments. After he put the nibs on eBay, they had already climbed to $35.00. He told me that those were only about one third of what he bought and he still had the best left to sell. He informed me that he had completed the first step in his “31 Steps to His Millions” and before the week was over he would have other steps completed. If you aren't familiar with what he was saying, it is simple. The basis of our Club is that a penny doubled 31 times is $21,500,000. This means that every time we compound our money, we are that much closer to being a millionaire.


Have you started your climb to the top? If your answer is no, then why not? The life changing effects are waiting for you and all that is required is for you to join Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club and do what so many others are doing. See you at the top. 


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