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Those who have followed the investment market for years will tell you that silver has been a better investment than gold. Let’s just take the last few years for example. Gold has gone from $400 an ounce in 2004 to $1200 in 2010, while silver has gone from $4.00 an ounce to $18.00 in the same period of time. So, I ask you, which has been the better investment? Over the last three years, I have taken advantage of the movement in the metals markets by selling it at higher prices and then buying it back when its price has declined. Once again the prices are at what I believe are their upper limits and closer to a sell level. But your question should be, is silver really better than gold?


How can this be because everyone knows that gold is better than silver, right? I have been sharing my opinions on gold and silver for all to hear for many years. You see gold is a metal with no future because its only value is for jewelry and you can only wear so much of that. Silver on the other hand has many commercial uses and therefore the amount of silver available will be diminished over time forcing up its price, while gold will just accumulate and have very little appreciation.


Don't buy into that old wives’ tale that gold is a hedge against inflation because it simply isn't true any longer. The hedges today against inflation are other currencies. These can be moved in and out of by simply placing an order on the currency exchanges, while gold has to be stored, shipped and have a place to sell it if you own it in bulk. 


I call what is happening in gold today “Gold Fever”. Today it is like the gold rush days and people are seeking their fortunes by buying gold, but how foolish. The prospectors found the gold but it was the ones who bought it from them who made all the money and it is the same today. All those ads are on the television saying that if you don't own gold you must be out of your mind. But in truth, the only ones making the money are the sellers. This may be the worst scam to come along for many years.


Now that I have finished preaching, how does this help the ones searching for treasures who are members of the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club? Here is my answer. It is time to buy items made of silver because they can still be bought at values lower than the price of the metal content in them. So if you add the value of the craftsmanship to the base value of the metal itself, you then have a real treasure that will only appreciate over time. I remember when the Hunt brothers tried to corner the silver market. They would have been successful if it hadn't been for the government intervention in the markets. During the run on silver, the price climbed to $50 an ounce and people were stomping on mint julep cups to sell them for their silver. If gold had done the same thing, its price would have reached over $3000 an once, which it didn't even come close to.



This year I believe that a very large percentage of my purchases will be silver items and particularly older pieces from Europe . With the dollar as low as it is, the Europeans will be buying their silver items back and be willing to pay what we might say are very high prices. I have just purchased a great book on silver marks of England, Scotland and Ireland by the name of Jackson's Silver and Gold Marks of England, Scotland & Ireland by Ian Pickford that should help me make this a very profitable year in the dealings I have in silver. You can tell that I am true to my word by going to our Club’s marketplace and viewing the great silver items that Ondre has listed there for us. This is a train that you want to catch before it gets out of the station. The trend is your friend. By the way, almost all of the silver napkin rings that we had listed are sold



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