Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby

Yesterday I wrote about items that could be picked up for a song. Yes there is money to be made there, however other items that sell at higher prices should always be considered also.

Today I want to give you an assignment. Go to eBay an search for Derby Glasses. Look at the highest priced ones first.You will find the 1940 glass listed at $15,000 and the 1939 bid at $1675. A 1940 glass just sold for $7500 and it was a bargain. I personally have sold two 1940 glasses for over $12,500 with the help of my friend Cecil in Kentucky. The one listed at $15,000 is fully priced but the 1939 at $1675 still has room for a profit since it list for $5700.

But your assignment is to look at all the Kentucky Derby glasses so that you will recognize them if they cross you path at a sale not just the two mentioned. All Derby Glasses can make you money so be sure you have the knowledge to know what they are worth.

Other items like programs, pins, photographs and posters from the Derby are also collected. This blog takes me back to my roots since I raced horses for many years.

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