1945 Coins Should Be For You


I was born in 1941 but when my father returned from the war I still remember his officers uniform. Yes I was just 4 years old but his return made a very large impression on me. But only if my father had known he could have purchased a roll of 1945 half dollars and today percentage wise it my have been the greatest investment he every made. You see all 1945 silver coins in high grades command huge premiums today.These coins include the half dollar, quarter and dime. There wasn't a silver dollar minted in 1945.

Dad would have paid $10 for that roll of half dollars, but are you ready for this, today a 1945 D half dollar in mint condition is listed on eBay at $6995. That would have meant that Dad's investment would have returned him $139,900 today. But it doesn't stop there because the 1945 S is listed at $5499.

If he had the fore sight he could have also purchased a quarter or dime while he was at it. The 1945 quarter in MS state is listed for $2500 while the dime in MS 64 is listed at $4500. For a $100 spent in 1945 you could nearly retire today.

Your question must be why is this true? The answer to that question is that the war had just ended and it seems that not much attention was spent at the mints on quality control. In the case of the dime, on the reverse there is a bundle of rods that contain an axe and they are bound together by bands. If these bands in the middle of the bundle are split and in mint condition it will make those dimes worth thousands.

Let's not leave out the lowly 1945 nickel. On the reverse there is a picture on monticello and if the steps are mint this coin is listed at $3000 in MS 67 state.

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