Lalique Holding It's Own

The larger Lalique pieces seem to be holding their value more than most items. I was just ask about the 9 3/4 inch Bacchantes vase  that is decorated with nudes that are held up by the god Dionysus. He is the god of wine and I saw where it sold for $2100 on eBay. If that vase had been in the amber color it would have brought $4800. Here the great thing for us, if I were offering to purchase this piece my highest offer would more than likely come in under $750. Usually the higher the price of an item the more you will be able to discount it.

Some markets seen to be firming up and Lalique may well be one of those. The larger pieces of Lalique and ones with color seem to be doing the best. Don't be afraid to make low offers for the frosted Lalique because most sellers of these pieces will accept 1/3 of what you should be able to sell them for.

Often when you visit a house the owners of upscale homes will have several pieces of Lalique and if you bundle your offer it should increase the amount of profit you receive when they are sold.

Here is where the real treasures might show up, if you run across one or more pieces of Rene Lalique, now we are talking about thousands of dollars. To educate yourself I would suggest you visit eBay an
look at all the listings for Lalique, both new and completed, When scanning eBay always start with the highest listing first. 

Last Updated (Friday, 13 January 2012 12:11)



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