Swarovski's Could Be For You

There can still be bargains in these markets for you if you don't get in a hurry. David and I just purchased 6 Swarovski,s for $200 and I think you will consider them bargains. Remember our rule that a bargain is when your purchase is 25% or less of the retail price and the 6 Swarovski's that we purchased were well below that figure.

One figure that I would like to share with you was the "Mermaid and Pearl" that we purchased for $50. The original retail price on its sticker 
was $275. On eBay this figure is still selling for near that price. I think that you would have to admit our purchase was a bargain.

Here is another example where purchasing in volume increases the percentage of profit you will make. When attending sales or private homes don't ask for prices until you are finished shopping. Remember to hang on to any item you wish to purchase until it is established that the seller won't agree with you on price. You should get an additnal 20% off of the best price for a single item when you put serveral items into your offer.


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