Advertising Survives the Test Of Time

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With "American Pickers" the television show featuring advertising of all types it is only natural these prices would go up for choice pieces. This is true of trade cards, tin trays, card board displays and many other forms of advertising.

Here is an example of a Tobacco card This card is selling for $2500. There are many Coke Cola tray bringing in the thousands and once I sold a notepad from 1904 by Coke for $1000 but I wish that I had it back.

I have seen Winchester advertising displays sell for over $20,000 while automobile posters often bring bring prices in the thousands. French wine posters have almost no upper limit as to pricing when they appear on the market.

I just found a Tobacco card from 1913 which I purchased for $75 and it should easily bring $450. It feature a baseball team where all the players were named and pictured. What made it real special was it came from Chicago.  The top listed Tobacco Card on eBay is a baseball card from 1888 listed fro $24,500.

Put Adertising on your list this year and it will pay off big for you.


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