$2500 for a Penny

I just returned from Kentucky an believe it or not my wife brought me back with her. You may be asking why she would leave me and the answer to that is simple, I bought a 1955 Double Die Linclon Penny for $2500.

When I left for vacation you may recall that I said that graded coins were something that had become very interesting and I believe that this coming year I will be writing a lot of blogs on coin collecting. If you will work with me I believe that coin can contribute to our success in 2012.

Hopefully you will ask questions that I can answer and perhaps I will give you information that will turn into dollars. Remember my rule, I like to deal in things that are smaller than a bread box and coins qualify.

There are several very inexpensive resourses that you may want to purchase and I will be listing them in future articals.

It is sure great to be back.

 PS: My computer hasn't allowed me to post blogs but now I can.

Last Updated (Friday, 30 December 2011 10:07)



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