Yes I have been a bear on gold and silver but there is a way to play this market and it is with high grade coins. The difference between a coin that grades good and one that is in mint state can be thousands of dollars.

 A coin that you find that is in wonderful condition can be mailed to NGC or PCGS for grading and if it is returned to you grade MS 60 to 70 you now have a treasure. For example I purchased a silver dollar for $35 and sent it off for grading, when I received it back it graded MS 66 and was worth $875. Another coin I had graded was a 1909 SVDB Lincoln penny which I purchase for a few hundred dollars, it graded VF and sold for over $1000. These services cost about $30 per coin but they are well worth it. You can find out more about these services on line by going to their websites.

 The best way to take advantage of the coin market is to ask everyone you come in contact with if they have coins to sell. Often you will find that people have coin that have been left to them by relatives or friend and the coins have very little meaning to them, so when you offer well above face value for their coins often they will sell them.

 However to be able to grade coins you will need a guide and the best book that I have found on grading is PHOTOGRADE by James F. Ruddy. It shows different coins in all their states from good to MS. The only other book that I would recommend would be The United States Coins by R.S Yeoman. With these two book you are on the way to finding treasure regardless of what gold and silver do.

 Break that old piggy bank because you may be surprised at what you find inside. I will be spending more time on coins because I believe that is where the money is at the present time. I will be a big buyer of coins so if you have any to sell please contact me.

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