In tough times the tough get going.



It seems to when things get tough many stop trying but not Vicki. She just digs in her heels and works that much harder. Being one of our first members in the “ Daryle Lambert Antiques and Collectibles Club “ I have enjoyed her ability to withstand all the negative times we have had in these markets. 

Here is my last email that I received from Vicki: 

Hi Mr. Lambert, 

I was so happy to see you back at the daily blog - I've really missed it! 

So, I found myself doing another estate sale (on referral by a realtor I had worked w/before). I don't know that I would have taken this on, because of two things: 

1 The enormity of the contents of this place.

  1. The fact that the place had been "cherry picked" long before by a wayward step son, according to the sister's that hired me.

I took it on though. It is full of woodworking tools and equipment, some vintage boating items, ton's of usable household etc. Well, it's been a long time since I did a "household items" sale so I began to look things up as I went along and boy oh boy was I in for a shock! 

First item:

Key chains - ever heard of "Bill Wall" or how about the mini license plate key chains that were popular in the 50's and 60's? do a general search on eBay highest price first - completed and your eyes are gonna go blurry! LOL

Next find: Ever heard of "Texasware"? me neither - lol until I looked it up of course. I had known that "Melamine" and "Melmac" were popular plastics that many collected, but I was really taken aback by the prices for these vintage plastic bowls! 

It get's better: Old crock pots - yes I said "crock pots" they are not real "high enders" but could be an excellent find for folks just staring out in this business. I know I won't ever look at them the same way now! 

There's more: How about "Ekco Eterna Canoe" amongst other patterns of flatware produced by the Ekco company in the 50's and 60's. They are of "mid century" design and stainless to boot, but I was not ready for the prices I found - and we have a 48 piece set w/ serving pieces! LOL 

Just wanted to catch up with you, and tell you what I'm up to these days - It's been a real ride and I'm very glad I made the decision to "look it up" before I gave it away! As you always teach us "Knowledge really is power" and with God's help I don't see how we can go wrong on any of these items! Also thought they would made for a few fun blogs - especially for newer members or those that do not have a lot to spend right now. 

Best Wishes as always, Your Friend In MI. Vicki H.


Yes I am looking to make our site viable but with stories like Vicki's it makes me proud of what we have done together.




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