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It seems almost impossible to keep up with all the trends you would like to, no matter how hard you try. I have been a collector of Royal Doulton for more years than I would like to remember but even now I often receive surprises on the trends for certain items of Doulton.


Yes, I have always known that the Golf plates by Doulton brought good money and the same with Gnome, Automobiles and Airplane plates, but there has been a change and now you should keep your eye out for many more series. I think that my mind must have gotten stuck twenty years ago on what I though Doulton plates were worth and most would never have gotten past $25. Today, however, as I searched the auction records, I found plates that brought over $200 each. If I had come upon them priced at $25 apiece, I would have kept walking.


Here are just a few examples that I have found: Antique English Gold Encrusted (regular dinner plates) $2495.00 for 12, a Gnome plate $910, a Bookworm plate Professional series $650 and a Coaching Days series plate $326. I wouldn't have given $10 for the Coaching Days plate because I would have thought there would be no market for it. These are the ones that sold and I am sure if I looked hard enough there would be many more auction records like these. You see I have just gotten behind the trend when it comes to Doulton plates. 


There is a group of 10 Castle series that are listed on eBay now for $3300. Can you imagine that? I can't. With the dollar so cheap, it seems that everything is going back overseas.


A set of five or six books was published on series ware in 1980 by Louise Irvine. Today you will find some of them on Amazon. I will list one here Royal Doulton Series Ware Volume 3. There are other books on Doulton listed on Amazon but they are mostly about the Jugs and Figurines. Who would have thought that I would begin to recommend that you buy Doulton plates? How time changes things.



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