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I was invited to give my testimony at church yesterday. My question for myself was what was I going to say. I thought about this for many hours, and the successes that I have desired seemed pale in comparison to what God has given me freely. I knew that I wouldn't be sharing about the money I had made or the people I had met, but more about my failings as a father and husband. Also about God’s unfailing love and forgiveness.


I want my readers to realize that this life is only successful if we are following God’s plan for our lives. No, I didn't do that for many years and I found myself divorced twice, with four children who didn't know me. I provided for them well, but I gave nothing of myself to the relationships. This is all in the past now, and with God’s help, all five of my children, including God’s latest gift to me of little Joshua, who came when I was fifty eight years old, brighten every day of my life.


God wants us to be successful, but for the right reasons, and the first one is to help others. Without this there is no real success and any feeling of security is temporary.

I hope that yesterday was spent with your family and friends and the true meaning of Easter was shared by all. Tomorrow’s blog will start again with advice that I hope will help each and every one of you to reach the pinnacle of success, but Easter for me is a time to reflect on who and what I am as a person. My favorite verse is “Love one another as I have loved you.” There is nothing that could be better for us than that. God Bless




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