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Everyday I ask myself “What do people collect?” and “What should the members of the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club be searching for?" Then I start to rattle off the many items and categories that I know hold interest for collectors. These usually include the items that I am the most familiar with, like art, pottery, glass and toys. However, I know this is just the tip of the iceberg.



My wife, Vickie, often make fun of me when it comes to the way I eat, like putting ketchup on almost every bite that enters my mouth. This gave me an idea. Are there people who collect Heinz advertisements? To my surprise, Heinz seems to be a very collectible brand name and some of the items carrying that name command fairly high prices.



It was interesting for me to research the history of the H. J. Heinz company. If you take the time to read more, you may find this company interesting as well. Go to the Heinz Website and you will be amazed at how one man’s vision changed the way we eat today. This proves that success isn't always the most difficult thing we can accomplish, but often the simplest when there is a need. I was brought up on Heinz products and can remember many of the advertising items I owned as a kid.



Who could forget the cute little key rings in the shape of a pickle, or that tin truck with the Heinz name on its side? I am sure there were many other items but these two popped into my mind first. When I went to eBay, I became aware of serious Heinz collectors who will pay $3362 for a Dinky 920 Heinz tin toy truck, $600 for a Heinz pickle car and $250 for the Heinz cookie jar. Two other items that I ran across were the Heinz dispenser in the shape of a pickle jar for $660 and a salt glazed crock that brought $250. My personal favorite, however, was the 1932 Heinz 57 tin truck priced at $1000.



Just think of all the different companies that were an important part of your mother’s planning as she prepared meals in your home. You may want to pick any of the names that pop into your head and see what there is in the marketplace that advertises these products. The products themselves may have been cheap back went you were a child, but I bet their advertising items are bringing big bucks today.



Why don't you look some of these companies up and report back to me on what you found that will help other members in their searches for items to buy. I will repeat this over and over until you hear it in your sleep, Knowledge is king. 



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