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It often seems to me that time just drags on, but I remember when the Daryle Lambert's Club Marketplace, with a checkout cart, was a distant dream. But no more, because it is up and running and the people are responding. If you have items that you would like to put into the Marketplace using the Associates Program, now is your chance. We are also looking for quality items that the Club can buy for the Marketplace, so if you know of anyone who is seriously entertaining the sale of something special, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



Over the last couple of days, over $5000 worth of treasures that were in our marketplace are now in someone else's collection or inventory. I believe this is just the beginning because, as our exposure increases, the buyers will find us. It is my intention, over the next few years, to have the best supplied marketplace on the internet. 


The collectors of fine art, art pottery and art glass will visit our site on a regular schedule, because we will meet their need for quality items. I remember years ago when I would set up at the O'Hare Antique Show. By the time the public was able to see what I had to offer, the New York dealers had already purchased 85% of the items that I had brought to the show to sell. With the quality of art and antiques that we intend to keep in our marketplace, it is my belief that they won't stay on the site long.



That isn't where the great news ends because all our members will soon be able to participate in this growth in volume on our site. Bob has said the classifieds will arrive very soon. With their introduction, members of our Club will be able to sell their own select items to the public on the Club’s site. I believe this is when things at our Club will really begin to jump. Success breeds success, and have no doubt, we are going to be successful.



This is the time you should be scanning your inventory for items that you wish to put in your classified section so that when the opportunity is right, your space will look professional. If you already have the descriptions, prices and a picture prepared, your listing will be quite easy. Here is how you can support the growth of our Club. Whenever you sell something, please email us at the home office so that we can report your sales to the other members. This will encourage all that read of your success.



Don't neglect to browse new sites that are coming online because they are often where I find real bargains. Until new auction and sales sites get their volume high enough, there will be treasures that slip between the cracks. Just go to Google and type in “antique collectible online auction”. 


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